Yoga in the Barn

We recently gave a yoga instructor friend of ours a tour of our barn. While upstairs, she exclaimed “this space cries out for yoga! This of course got the wheels turning. Why not we thought. It’s large and open, quite sturdy, and would provide a unique experience in an historic barn. We have a substantial amount of cleaning to do (!), and we plan to install an extra window for additional light and air circulation. The floor will require some extra work, but it’s all doable by this summer.
So, we’re planning to have yoga/wellness retreats at the farm, the first one being three days in early September! We want to make it affordable and yet all inclusive. Lodging will be a mix of on-site rooms and off-site vacation rentals within a very short distance of the farm. We plan to keep it intimate and informal, with a maximum of 10 participants. While the details are still being worked out, a typical day might look like this:
• An early morning snack of juice, homemade muffins/breads and fruit
• Guided meditation.
• A yoga class mid-morning
• A hearty brunch
• An early afternoon guided hike through an enchanting setting such as Lithia Park or up Wagner Creek
• A yoga class mid-afternoon and/or tai chi.
• A social gathering for hors d’ oeuvres in late afternoon that would suffice for a light to medium meal*
• Evening activities may include wine tasting, relaxing outside by the fire pit, a concert at the Britt Festival, a play at a Shakespeare theater in Ashland or the Camelot Theater right here in Talent
* For those wishing a full dinner, there are several good restaurants in Talent within walking distance. Participants can also request lodging with a kitchenette.
Participants will be encouraged to participate in scheduled activities as much or as little as they would like. Sitting by the pond with a good book or riding through the countryside on one of our complimentary bicycles are other options.
We envision this to be a wellness retreat as well, with plenty of physical exercise and healthy food. All food served will be organic, vegan and nutritionally balanced. Cooking demonstrations may also be offered as we are a fully permitted bed and breakfast.
If you have an interest in the fall retreat, please send us an email and let us know. And, since we are still in the planning stages, we would welcome any and all suggestions!