Winter on the Farm

They say we have mild winters here in the Rogue Valley, but you couldn’t have convinced the horses of that when they had to paw through four inches of snow to reach a few nibbles of grass! Mid December brought not only snow, but cold enough temperatures that it stuck around for quite a while. We humans weren’t thrilled either about having frozen pipes and having to haul water to the horses. Both ponds were completely frozen over, and we were concerned the ducks and geese had no water. But then again, it truly was incredibly beautiful….magical even.
Let us meet on ceilings, this
Humble revision of the sky,
Melt together in the evenings
Amidst the cracks and water stains
Devised and ancient and all knowing
Upon your bed
the mountains lie
And I can touch them
when it’s snowing.
Lynn A. Hill

There was someone here who was quite thrilled with all the snow and cold. Jack, the Great Pyrenees mix, was in heaven. Being a mountain dog, it was evident he was in his element.
With the buzz of the holidays almost over and the chores the spring will bring still in the future, the next few months will allow some indoor time for reflection, planning and cleaning. We have found innkeeping to be very rewarding. The wonderful people we have met have enriched our lives, and we love seeing them enjoy themselves as they explore and meet the animals. Our future plans involve hosting a yoga retreat, and constructing a “bunkalo” next to the pond. It would consist of a very large canvass “tent” with a real bed and all the conveniences of a real room, but would lend itself more to outdoor living. As the weather warms a bit, we will be working on cleaning the barn, as the upstairs will host the yoga classes.
We hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday season, and we wish everyone a joyous year ahead!