Wine Tasting in the Rogue Valley

Shady Grove Farm is surrounded by beautiful wineries. We’ve had a number of guests staying with us who came primarily to experience the wineries in the area. The Rogue Valley is now ‘on the map’ and becoming known for the fine wines produced here. Here’s an excerpt from the website Southern Vineyards and Wineries… Read More.

Fall at Shady Grove Farm – Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental

Here at Shady Grove Farm in Talent, and in the Rogue Valley in general, the trees are turning vibrant colors, the air is cool, and the beautiful sunny days make the daytime temperatures quite comfortable. The farm is alive with geese and ducks who seem to have settled in at the ponds, at least for… Read More.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival – In Full Swing Through Nov. 3rd

The 2013 festival is far from over!  For those curious about what plays are still showing, below is a rundown.  For more information, visit the Ashland Shakespeare Festival website at The Taming of the Shrew             (Through  Nov. 3) Sweet-tempered daddy’s girl Bianca can have her pick of suitors—but not until her sister, the acid-tongued Kate,… Read More.

Breathing Easy(ier) – Wildfire Update for Southwestern Oregon

  Not too long ago we were wondering if the smoke that hung over the Rogue Valley would be here all summer.  Wildfires in the area created unhealthy conditions on a number of days.  While the fires were many miles from the Talent area, winds pushed the smoke into the valley.  Fortunately, the smoke didn’t… Read More.

Horsing Around in Southern Oregon

If you’re planning to make Southern Oregon your destination for equestrian trail riding, you’ve picked a great place for it!  The area offers a variety of options from a greenway trail connecting Ashland to Central point to more remote mountainous trails with amazing vistas. Below are some resources, including several local equestrian organizations and a… Read More.

July Update

PROOF THAT EVERYBODY FEELS COMFORTABLE WITH JACK While most dogs have a penchant for going after chickens, Jack is a protector of all.  He’s a Great Pyrenees mix, a breed originating from the mountains of France by the same name and bred to protect livestock.  Jack takes his job seriously, even when he’s napping! HAPPY… Read More.