Weddings at Shady Grove Farm, Talent, Oregon

Weddings (and other events) at the Farm

What makes an event special? Well the people of course, and the purpose of the celebration no doubt. But the setting can make it that much more special and memorable. The beauty and tranquility at Shady Grove Farm convinced one prenuptial couple that this was the ideal place for their wedding ceremony and reception. We had thought about hosting special events such as weddings and reunions, but when this sweet couple contacted us through our website we decided it was time to visit with the county to see what it would take.

Subject to some restrictions of course (that luckily we are able to accommodate such as off street parking) we are able to host a limited number of outdoor events during the year.

The eight acre farm provides lots of privacy and beautiful places to gather. Two large ponds are surrounded by large old growth trees and are bordered by grassy expanses. The grounds are well-kept and there are lots of large trees for shade. The deck and patio behind the bed and breakfast provide a place for a buffet and, if so inclined, dancing. The swimming pool, while not available to the public for swimming due to state regulations, adds to the ambience and is a great place to float candles and be illuminated with the tiki torches.

While we have yet to host an event, here is what some of our guests have said about the farm:

“Shady grove farm is the most stunning little spot in southern Oregon. There is something about the light and trees and green mountains that make this place very special.”

“Shady Grove Farm ~ A magical wholesome memorable retreat!
The ponds are a wonderful stopover for migrating birds-
such a delight – exquisite views – nestled in nature – easy access –
and yet tucked away. Loving Place- Shady Grove Farm!“

So if you’re looking for a special place to hold an event you’re planning, please let us know. We’d be happy to work with you to see if we can make it happen!