Spring at Shady Grove Farm B&B

20150304_143505Spring has come early, of course not just to Shady Grove Farm B&B and Vacation Rentals, but most of the west.  While we wish for an end to the drought, we’re making the best of what is, and enjoy seeing everything come alive. The fruit trees are blossoming and other trees budding out, the daffodils are showing their beautiful faces, and the hay is springing to life.

Spring is said to be the season of love, perhaps motivating several folks yet in need of a wedding venue to contact us.  We’ve had people say that Shady Grove Farm is a great close-in rural wedding venue, with its natural beauty, great lighting for photographs, historic barn, green expanses and plenty of shade.  If you’re looking for a place to tie the knot, or know of someone who is, please give us a call.

Spring also brings about many projects that need our attention.  In addition to the usual spring cleanup, we’re upgrading our outdoor bathhouse.  We’ll put the glamping tent up some time in May depending on the weather, and the bathhouse will have an upgraded shower by then.  We’re also planting more blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, which always make a nice addition to our vegetarian breakfasts for bed and breakfast guests.  The garden is sprouting garlic, and of course kale and chard.  Indoors, we’re growing heirloom tomatoes and peppers, which will go in the garden in May along with many other veggies. The barn floor will be replaced this spring, and the upstairs cleared out and made a usable space.  Our future plans are to build a deck off the west side of the barn, which will be a fantastic place for watching sunsets.

The animals at the farm are all thriving.  The chickens have started laying eggs again, although not yet on a regular basis.  The dogs, Jack and Sophie, continue to greet and entertain guests.  The cats, well, they’re cats.  The horses are shedding like crazy, and we’re happy to confirm that there are actually horses under all the mud that seemed to cover them much of the winter.

We’ve been blessed with life on a small farm.  We’ve also been blessed to have met many wonderful people who have come to stay with us.  If you’re in the area, whether you plan to stay with us or not, we’d love to have you stop in.