Greetings from the Farm

2018 was a good year here at the farm despite the smoke from wildfires – which I’ll get back to. The hay harvest was abundant and the garden went wild! With 32 tomato plants, we were able to share with guests, as well as some other vegetables.

We enjoyed many different guests throughout the year from so many different backgrounds. Learning where they’re from, often about their interests and travel plans, sometimes sharing a fun story or a laugh or two, is the highlight of our hosting experience.

We accomplished a few projects throughout the year, like lining part of the upper pond bank with the large rocks that had been in a big pile for way too long. We replaced the old fencing by the main gate with wildlife-friendly fencing, repaired the barn roof, and did some major tree work.

Our hearts went out to all the folks who lost homes or were otherwise affected during the California wildfires, as well as some closer to home. Like the rest of the west coast, we experienced smoke from the fires in varying intensity through the summer. While there is plenty to do indoors here, sensitive individuals were often donning masks when outdoors during periods of heavy smoke. Unfortunately, we had many cancellations. We suggest guests check the weather/fire reports prior to visiting during the fire season, especially those with respiratory problems. Always feel free to call or text.

On a sad note, we lost our beloved Great Pyrenees dog – Jack – due to old age (going on 16).   While all the other sanctuary critters are doing well, Jack will leave a big hole for a long time to come. As one guest said, he was one of this earth’s great creatures. There’s a lot to learn from this noble being…..he loved everyone, was sweet and tolerant, shared what he had with others (even shared his food with the chickens), walked away from confrontation, but protected those in his charge.

On a happy note, we hosted a wedding here in June sans wildlife smoke. We love hosting weddings with all the attendant excitement and happiness. We look forward to hosting another one this June.  If you’re looking for a venue for a wedding, family reunion or other special event, we’d be happy to discuss options for having it here at the farm.

We wish everyone a wonderful year. Be merry, love all beings, and stay healthy!

Lin, Lynn, and all the critters at Shady Grove Farm