Glamping is coming to Shady Grove Farm!

Glamping, or glamour camping, is beginning to take hold in the US. And why not? While we yearn to be in nature, camping requires gear and often a vehicle if one doesn’t care to sleep on the ground. Hotels are not always the best alternative for those traveling as they can be cold, sterile, expensive, and surrounded by concrete. Glamping is also considered ecologically sound – it honors nature without disturbing it. No wonder it’s beginning to take hold.
So imagine the fun of camping but being able to crawl into a comfy queen size bed, a warm shower and toilet just steps away. And at Shady Grove Farm, that’s exactly what we’re embarking on. Construction will begin soon on the tent platform that will be built near the large lower pond, and the 12 x 14 fire-treated canvas wall tent has arrived. Of course fine linens and towels will be supplied, and we’ll offer the option of a continental breakfast brought to your tent!
Just do a search on the internet to see all the articles and organizations sprouting up around glamping. Even the Wall street journal has taken note of the rise of glamping. Thea Klapwald writes:
DOES YOUR SOUL CRY out to be at one with nature, but your back balk at sleeping in anything that includes the word “bag”? Does a remote escape sound heavenly—as long as you can text and tweet from the outback? [There are options now] that offer rustic adventure—just not too much.
Well Shady Grove isn’t exactly remote, but it surely is a getaway from the urban bustle while being close to just about any adventure one could hope for, urban or otherwise. We aim to have the glamping site available for guests by late spring, but feel free to contact us to check on the exact date. We’ll post pictures the instant its ready!
For an example of what glamping might look like, check out Lakedale Resort, WA.