Glamping has Arrived at the Farm

20140527_20050320140527_200741Glamping (or glamorous camping) has arrived at Shady Grove Farm and we’re excited to announce that we’re now taking reservations!

Not sure about glamping? Do you like the idea of camping and being in nature but prefer a cozy bed off the ground, electricity, and a soft rug to put your feet on in the morning? How about a hot shower? Well now you can have both nature and comfort in our brand spanking new bunkalo.

I wrote back in March that we were in the process of putting up a bunkalo (a large canvass wall tent). It took a couple of months to get it finished, but we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. In fact, we can’t wait to spend a night in it to try it out ourselves.

Picture sitting at the edge of a half-acre pond watching geese fly in. Or napping in the nearby hammock after a game of horseshoes or a picnic at the outdoor dining set. Relax on the plush memory foam mattress inside the bunkalo and listen to the leaves rustling in the trees.

We took our time selecting a location, which we still think is ideal. It’s nestled under big trees next to the lower pond and has plenty of shade and privacy. The sturdy cedar decking is elevated about a foot and a half above the ground. The high quality, fireproofed and heavy canvass tent took hours to erect, but won’t be going anywhere soon. The outdoor bathhouse is nearby – about 20 feet away – and provides ample privacy. (A porta-potty is also available for middle of the night urgencies). As you can see from the pictures, we’re still working on the area around the entrance, but that will be completed soon.

The only vegan / vegetarian bed and breakfast in Talent as well as the surrounding area, we’re excited to offer a better range of accommodations and prices, from the more elegant bed and breakfast suite, to the studio vacation rental, to the rustic bunkalo.

So come try out our newest room and tell us what you think. We’d love your feedback.