The Animals at Shady Grove Farm

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Shady Grove Farm in Talent is much more than land on which we grow hay and provide a vegan / vegetarian bed and breakfast and vacation rentals. It’s more than the land on which we hope to grow old. We feel called upon to be good stewards of these eight acres and care for it for future generations. As mortals, we cannot truly own the land, but we are responsible for it while we are here. Yet we feel our highest calling is to provide refuge for the animals who have come into our lives due to neglect, abandonment, or any of the other reasons that brought them to us. Shady Grove Farm is a sanctuary where these animals will live out their lives.

We are often asked about our animals and how they came be here. These next two or so blogs will give a short history about the animals on the farm. We’ll start with our dogs.

Jack (aka, JackBnimble, Jackillywack, Jack Kerouac) – A coworker of Lin’s let her know she had an aquaintance looking to find a home for a dog for which she had no time. When we found out he was a Great Pyrenees mix we thought he might be perfect to protect our other animals in addition to being a companion to us humans. It was love at first sight and we didn’t hesitate taking him home, all 130 pounds of him.

When we put him in under the outdoor shower we immediately could see that a good portion of his 130 pounds was flea dirt, ticks, dirt and miscellaneous matter, and that cleaning him up was not a job for amateurs. We were stunned when we picked him up from the groomers. He was drop dead gorgeous. It’s hard to imagine now with his summer cut and Dr. Seuss tail, but it’s all about his wellbeing, and being shaved has made a world of difference in his energy level.

Everybody loves Jack, from toddlers who became inseparable during their stay, to other dogs who came as guests. We feel so fortunate that at ten years of age, he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Our mission here on the Shady Cove Farm is the alleviation of suffering. Sharing the love we feel for these once neglected but now well cared for and beautiful Beings is but one of the many joys of living the life on Shady Grove Farm.

The question is not – Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?
Jeremy Bentham