The Animals at Shady Grove Farm cont.

The Animals at Shady Grove Farm cont.

Our last blog was about Jack….this one is about Sophie, our scruffy little terrier mix.

We wanted a second dog but had some criteria: we wanted a female since we had a male, she would need to bond with Jack, couldn’t harm our chickens, she should chase the squirrels away, she needed to be friendly and good with kids. We didn’t know at the time we first met her that she would be all these things, but we lucked out.

Since there are so many dogs needing homes and many put down for lack of them, we knew going to a breeder for a particular breed wasn’t an option for us. Also, puppy mills are rampant, where dogs live in horrid conditions and receive little interaction with humans (of course not all breeders are that uncaring). Plus, mixed bred dogs seem to have any negative traits bred out of them. So we kept an eye on the local Humane Society’s web page and when Sophie’s picture came up we decided to take Jake there and see how the two would get along. (Jack was three at the time and Sophie one.)

Well Sophie didn’t want anything to do with Jack and Jack was only mildly interested in Sophie. Actually, she didn’t want anything to do with us either! She just paced back and forth along the fence looking for her family who abandoned her. The shelter manager told us if we wanted Sophie we could take her home right then because she said she wasn’t doing well at the shelter. So off the four of us went on an instinct it would all work out.

It took her a few days to come out of her depression, but soon she and Jack were best buds. She followed her new “mom and dad” everywhere we went. We felt she was afraid of being abandoned again. Even now, seven plus years later, she keeps a close eye on us. We keep telling her this is her forever home, but she just wants to make sure!

At Shady Grove Farm here in Talent, it isn’t just a bed and breakfast with vacation rentals, or a hay farm, but a haven for a few abandoned and abused animals. We are honored to have them.

The question is not – Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?
Jeremy Bentham